How I Hit The Reddit Home Page With My First Post Ever

I have been browsing reddit as a guest for about a week before I decided to join. I had been constantly looking at the homepage and was trying to understand what makes a post hit the frontpage, I noticed the majority of the posts were of images linked from imgur. Then I started thinking about a good subreddit to try to get upvotes quickly, one that I could hopefully stay near the top of. I determined the best approach would be with the Earthporn subreddit. This is because there are a large number of subscribers yet not alot of posts, which is ideal if you want to get noticed.

 Now all I needed was a picture, instantly I remembered one I had taken this past summer at my cottage and how I had thought it looked pretty good, very appealing to the eye with deep contrasting colors. Also GrandBend sunsets are notoriously beautiful. What cemented my decisions to go with this picture is the fact that I had received close to 100 likes on instagram when I had originally posted it. Now Ive read that getting on the homepage isn't exactly easy to do but I knew with the right content and timing it was going to be impossible, even if it was my very first post of the site.

 I uploaded the picture to imgur and created a post which can be found here within minutes I had 10 upvotes which help me rise up the ranks on the earthporn subreddit. From there I received another 100 in under an hour. What helped me get on the frontpage was my upvote to downvote ratio which was something like 90% up until I hit over 1000 upvotes and it started to drop. Once I finally hit frontpage my post stayed on for 2 hours and peaked at the 11th spot. Within 12 hours of posting my picture had been viewed over 125,000 times. Right now its at 161,000 which I consider pretty good for a pretty basic picture. Im not a photographer, I didn't use a filter or do any editing, just shot it with my iphone 4s.

After reaching frontpage once I wanted to do it again, which I did only 5 days later with a post that got 14,000 upvotes in 10 hours. Sometimes you just don't know what will go viral you just have to focus on making you headline enticing to readers and start with a subreddit that has the potential to elevate your post so that it can gain visibility outside of the original subreddit.

Here is my picture, it was taken in early July of 2013 in GrandBend Ontario Which is a small town on lake huron, I can honestly say this was an average sunset for this location